Basic features of free or affordable web hosting services

Web Hosting

Every website needs its web hosting solution. However, no one wants to pay heaps for a web hosting service, and everybody would be glad to access free or affordable web hosting services.

Looking for a free or affordable web hosting solution requires you to do some research, and figure out your priorities. If you want a web hosting service with basic features, we have compiled a list of factors that go into the streaming of the web hosting service. Let’s have a look at the standard and fundamental features that a free web hosting service should have:

Disk space and bandwidth

The disk space is the storage or capacity that is assigned to an account by the hosting provider. The user can use this space to store and access his data, including web and email data.

Bandwidth refers to the capacity of the traffic from and to the website. When a site visitor enters in a website, the activity in the website counts for the bandwidth usage.

These two factors are the fundamental features that a web hosting company considers. The choice of larger disk space or a higher bandwidth capacity depends exclusively from your website capabilities, specifications and the power that it needs to perform well.

Website creator and FTP

If you are investing in a web hosting service for the first time and you are not vastly familiar with any scripting experience then, you should certainly search for a web hosting provider that allows you to create a website in few steps. It should allow you to select graphics, images, templates, and text for your site.

FTP is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol, and it serves as a medium for transferring files to your web hosting server. It enables the user to upload files, such as images and other multimedia tools from your local computer to the server of a service provider. It also allows the user to download files from the web hosting server to the PC. If you are looking for a free or even cheap web hosting service then, it should provide you with unlimited and unrestricted FTP access. 

Email services

When hunting for a trustworthy and reliable hosting service, it may be interesting if it includes an array of email services to help you set up your email addresses. In addition to using a webmail interface for managing your website, the email service should also be inclusive of the SMTP, IMAP and POP3 access to facilitate through the email set up in your computer or mobile device.

Support and uptime in web hosting

Regardless of how much you are willing to pay for a web hosting service, you should always settle down with a hosting service that offers decent support to the users around the clock.

It is no surprise that no hosting server can give a 100% uptime guarantee to the user, but you should consider at least 97% of uptime to ensure the efficiency of your website. The web hosting service should also be backed up regularly with proactive measures to allow you to restore your data promptly.