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Colours Meaning

Colour is the observable component of anything as an outcome of the light they emit. One of the most remarkable aspects about colours is the outstanding uniformity of their meaning across cultures of the world. The intensity of expressed feeling created by any colour choice evokes in us a certain awareness of intended meaning that most of the time is ignored. The communication power of colours is inevitable. The choice of the suitable colours for logos and brands is very vital. What are the most suitable colours for your logos and brands and what are the colours meaning?

Colours are divided into three main categories: the warm, cool and neutral colours. Warm colours e.g. red, yellow and orange spread out warmth while cool colours like green, purple and blue tend to cool down heated situations. The cool colours bring out a quiet instinct. The black, grey and white colours are the neutral colours. We sample a few colours and review the feelings they evoke and the fundamental messages conveyed by these colours. Some colours meaning and possibly some of the best colours for logos and brands include:

Red is the most significant colour in the world it terms of its symbolic resonances especially that of life. In other words, it is referred to as the colour of colours that represents in most cases blood and fire. This colour of fire and beauty transforms anything to sophistication. Its power is revealed in all that it connotes not just emotions, passion, love and energy but also injury, bloodshed and death but above all it represents vitality. Companies use the red colour to depict the aggressiveness, love and passion in them for their customers.

It is all hot and brilliant, it triggers our appetite buds thanks to its attractiveness. Currently used in the fashion world and in design because of its striking outgoing nature. It speaks joy and ripeness that brightens anything dull including moods. It is perceived as the colour of visibility primarily because of its approachable and less aggressive nature. It enhances the hue aura of fun especially for young children.
Orange colour is the most suitable colour for the companies revealing the refreshing nature and determination in them.

One of the most powerful colours in the world that connotes mystery, power, evil and death. In most cases, the elites use it for formal and elegance reasons. It is also a sign of sophistication and authority. Black also tend to change/modify our perception, a good example is perception of a thinner look as a result of wearing black clothes as compared to other bright colours. Black means business and therefore anyone in black is in most cases taken seriously e.g. black suits. The black colour shows the seriousness in the company or brands.

It is the only colour that is considered the colour of perfection that that shines the light, express purity, righteousness and innocence. Presence of this colour anywhere denotes safety and cleanliness of high standards. It is symbolizes in us new successful beginnings in life destined for greatness. Many companies use the white colour to show the honesty, faithfulness and trust worthy.

It is the colour that depict vigour and stability just like the sea and the sky that take up this colour. Its calming effect is quite beneficial to both the mind and soul hence tranquility that is sincere and devoutness at all times. It represents intellect and responsibility.

Pink connotes romance and femininity hence the psychological comfort and security elicited by its softness and innocence. It neutralizes aggression and physical strength with love and nurturing. It is well represented in romantic relations because of its insightful and tenderness effect encompassed in empathy and sensitivity towards a partner. Remember that pink represents your personality.

Bright and energetic, also linked to happiness. It related directly to our emotions by disintegrating the tension and replacing it with harmony. It fosters a feeling of hope and a boost in self esteem and positivism when one is feeling low. It attracts attention as anyone especially towards nature and changing seasons that keep us in check. Almost all cultures associate it with energy and life and the assurance of a lasting optimistic feeling towards life. The yellow colour in the logos and brands shows the calmness, freshness and joy one gets in joining or using their brands.

Linked to the above discussion on colours meanings, is the essential notion that colours are also responsible for revealing the aims, ambitions and vision of our companies’ logo and brands. The combinations of colours used in designing the logos and brands should rhyme to the company’s aim, vision and ambition. The choice of the best combination of colours to use in your company’s logo and brands is very crucial. For instance, a company whose aims, visions and ambitions is to refresh and create an allure of beauty and calmness and happiness must have the yellow colour in their logos and brands .Companies dealing with drinks must include the white colour to depict the purity of their products. A combination not chosen keenly, can lead to failure of the company or brands.

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