logo design pencil broken - Six Characteristics of a Great Logo Design

Whether your business is based in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any other city in the UAE or the world, designing a logo is an important step is establishing your brand and creating a business identity that customers will like. Many companies don’t give enough attention to their logos’ designs, and that is a mistake. Great logos don’t just happen by accident — they are the result of planning carefully, making the abstract visual, and knowing the principles of great logo design. While all great logos are aesthetically distinct, they all have the following six characteristics in common.

Good logos are:

  1. Simple. “Good design is as little design as possible,” as the revered industrial designer Dieter Rams is fond of saying. Good logos are no different. Good logs are not cluttered; they are clean, easy to read, and direct.
  2. Distinctive. They are unique. If a logo looks like everyone else’s, it’s probably not going to be very successful.
  3. Relevant. In other words, they are appropriate to what they represent. This includes choices of fonts, colours, and graphical elements.
  4. Memorable. If you can close your eyes and picture what a particular logo looks like, it’s probably a good one.
  5. Versatile. A company’s logo needs to be used on all sorts of materials, from tiny business cards to huge banners and billboards. A good brand looks good in most formats and in any size.
  6. Timeless. Relating back to simplicity, a good brand should not look dated. Design trends come and go, but direct fonts, simple colours, and clean lines are always in style.

As you’re preparing to design a logo for your business, it’s important to keep these six ideas in mind. Refer back to them as needed, and use them as you critique early versions. Finally, there are many resources for professional logo design in the UAE that can help you finding some of the characteristics of a great logo.

Bringing in an established and experienced designer to help you create your company’s logo may be immensely helpful.

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