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blog choosing the right web hosting - Choosing the right web hosting plan

Hosting is one of the most commonly used terms when it comes to the Internet. Hosting may encompass email hosting, web hosting and server hosting. When operating an online business at some point you will definitely require hosting services. In the UAE, more specifically in Dubai and Abu Dhabi there are quite a number of companies that offer hosting services.

However, there are key pointers that should guide you in selecting the best email hosting or web hosting for your company. Some of them are not physically present in the country and their representation is through a mobile phone. Avoid this at all costs, no matter how good the deal looks to you, the low quality and problems of such ‘companies’ will not be worth your time.

Know your hosting needs

You cannot select a good host if you don’t know what you need. You have to consider the type of website you are building and also if you want a private server hosting, a dedicated server hosting or shared hosting. If you want a private server hosting in UAE for example, you will have to select a company known to be good at that but be prepared for the higher costs of a hosting account in the UAE against others in USA or UK which may be considered by many as more reliable for a much lower cost.

Host reliability

The host should ensure that your website is easily and faster accessible by your clients or visitors. Reliability is also important because if your web hosting is not reliable you will find that it is always down and so visitors won’t have access. This is very bad for business and you may have faced this issue which is very common when companies do not manage their servers properly or simply add too many customers in a single server in the name of profiting.

Hosting limitations

Some hosting companies limit the disk space, the monthly bandwidth or the number of email accounts or domain names you can add. The size and file type limitations are also dictated by some hosting companies. This can be problematic when you need to user larger files for example. Do your research and analyse your needs. Seek assistance from a professional in the area.

Technical support

Web hosting and email hosting services are not fault-proof and, at some point, you will require some technical assistance from your host company. A good company should provide this support  24 hours a day all year round. It should also give you easy and convenient ways of accessing this support and you do not necessarily need a phone contact. It is proved that a good email support system can be more efficient to resolve technical problems. Working 24 hours a day is more important mostly because the differences in time zones for international client e.g. if your web hosting is in Dubai, the time you close business for the night might be the time your international client needs you most.

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